Clay Farris Naff
Science & Religion Writer

The little book that changes everything

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"Cuts through the myths about religion with surgical precision."
— Ted W. Reid, scientist, Texas Tech Univ.

"Takes readers on a fascinating journey from the torn and warlike landscape of today's competing religions to a peaceful common ground, lit by the sunshine of reason…"
— Rev. Michael Dowd, author

"Christians, among people of all faiths, should read Free God Now."
— MJ Humphrey, critic

"[Naff] threads his way through multiple universes, faith healing, Pascal's Wager, consciousness, Intelligent Design, quantum indeterminacy, and many more subjects with the clarity and humor that make it an easy and enjoyable read."
— Jim Bechel, historian

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"Arsenic & Old Life -- Is NASA's Discovery for Real?"

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"In the Antibiotics Arms Race, Bacteria Are Winning"

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"The Realities and Illusions of Race"

Selected books


Greenhaven Press, 2006


Greenhaven Press, 2005